Hey y’all (if there is even a y’all out there to say hey to),

It has been years since I have posted anything on here, and even then, my output was lackluster at best. For the past three years, the world has been shit, a relentless, anxiety-producing mess. As we have been told, with varying degrees of severity, to quarantine, I began to think about how miserable I have been the last couple years and how I have done very little to negotiate my way through the sense of isolation and anxiety surrounding me. As the idea of being isolated out of necessity loomed, I became determined not to wallow in the feelings of helplessness (there will probably be a little wallowing, it seems inevitable), but I also believe that looking to the beautiful things that I love will offer a balm, a project will offer a balm, and, I guess, I offer that to you as well. It isn’t a lot, but it is genuine.

The format will vary wildly but I plan to post every Wednesday and Saturday. I will be writing short essays, as well as recommendations based on a theme. There will also be visual components and whatever I can dream up between now and the time that this begins to feel like a chore.

I look forward to it all,


Bette Davis typewriter


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